Thousands of articles has already been writen about this stunning city, so it is pretty hard to describe it in a few sentences. Being the capital of three great empires for almost two thousand years makes it an outstanding city. The great Hagia Sophia, splendid Blue Mosque, magnificent Topkapi Palace, beautiful Ottoman mansions, Great Byzantian City Walls, Chora Church, Underground Cistern are just some of must-see landmarks in this marvellous city.


Cappadocia, the land of beautiful horses, looks like being from a different planet. The amazing landscape, cave houses which were once inhabited by the locals, cave hotels waiting for their guests, castles giving a spectacular scenery, underground cities to be discovered, lots of valleys to get hiked and delicious traditional food to be tasted. Dont miss the balloon ride for a once-in life time experience.


Ancient Greek and Roman ruins reflecting the great architecture from thousands of years back. There are a lot of sites to be admired such as Ephesus Library, Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders, House of Virgin Mary where she is believed have spent last few years of her life, St. John Basilica, one of the oldest church in the region, Seven Sleepers’ Cave, nice small village of Sirince especially for wine tasting.


Pamukkale is a natural site in southwestern Turkey. The city contains hot springs and travertines, terraces of carbonate minerals left by the flowing water. There is an ancient city called Hierapolis of which ruins are adjacent  to Pamukkale. They are both now recognized as World Heritage Site. It is about 3 hours driving from Ephesus.


Fethiye is attracting millions of tourist especially in summer as one of the well-known tourist centers in Turkey. It is located on the site of the ancient city of Telmessos, one of the most important city of Lycia. There are many sites awaiting to be discovered. Tomb of Amyntas, Kadyanda Ancient City, Kayakoy, the old Greek town, Aya Nicola and Fethiye Museum are just some of them. What’s more important, it has Oludeniz, world famous for its beach spit and associated Blue Lagoon. Oludeniz is one of the best place for paragliding, which is just a breath-taking experience.


Trabzon is a city lying on the black sea coast of northeastern Turkey. It becomes a cool place in summer and attracks so many people escaping from hot weather. It is not actually only its cool weather but the historical, cultural and natural beauties that invites people to this beautiful city. The Hagia Sophia, a stunning byzantine church, Trabzon Castle, Trabzon Museum, exhibiting exclusive collections of Byzantine artifacts, Sumela Monastery built on a steep of mountain overlooking the beautiful green forests below, and Uzungol Lake, a natural beauty located in a valley between high rising mountains are the must-see places. The intimate welcoming of local people is precious.


Nemrut also known as Nemrud, stands at over 7,000 feet and is the site of the 1st-century BC mountain-top tomb of King Antiochus I Epiphanes. It’s famous for its 30ft-high statues depicting various mythological figures, all of which have seen their heads topple from their bodies. This UNESCO-listed site is best visited at sunrise or sunset, the ideal time for admiring and photographing the still-life population.